Why MicroFridge

Why lease a MicroFridge?

– Avoid the hassle of purchasing, transporting and storing a unit of your own.
– We deliver your MicroFridge directly to your on-campus dorm room
– We pick up your MicroFridge at the end of the spring semester
– Easy and secure On-line ordering
– Specifically designed for use in residence halls and offers plenty of space for both roommates
– Patented circuitry built in which prevents blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers
– Replaced free of charge if the MicroFridge quits working for any reason, other than abuse
– Affordable and easy, Share the cost with your roommate
– Convenient late night snacks
– Energy Star rated to reduce energy consumption
Approved by your school

Order By the 1st

No one likes moving, especially when it means countless trips up and down several flights of steps on a hot summer day. But on Move-in-Day, the day your student has been anxiously awaiting and you have been dreading, your student’s MicroFridge will be in the dorm room, ready for use. If anything goes wrong with your MicroFridge during the school year we will replace it free of charge. And, The Melvin Corporation will pick the MicroFridge up at the end of the spring semester—Its one less thing to worry about! (And carry!)

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